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Chef Annette aka That Veggie Gurl is the creator of ‘That Veggie Gurl Wellness’ which now includes Veggies Are Bae Academy. She also developed and oversees the ‘Get Juicy With It’ Program and the Veg It Forward Project.

In September, Annette launched a solo hosted podcast entitled "Let’s Veg About It". This interactive veggie wellness school is based on her training as a holistic chef, certified culinary educator, and mastered certified clinical health coach which allows her to edutain her listeners and help them indulge in their tastebuds, while they invest in their health. She transitioned into a fully plant-based lifestyle after getting diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Doctor's told her it was too late and she ’d be dead in four to six months, but she was able to turn her illness into wellness. Since reversing her cancer solely with natural holistic therapies, it has become her mission to vegucate the masses on the healing powers of veggies.

Annette understands what it means to go through trying times. She also knows what it takes to come out of trials in triumphant. Her message & mission, combined with her jazzy personality, contagious attitude, and refreshing transparency leaves a lasting impression upon the hearts and minds of her clients and students.

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