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From the age of 15 to her college years, Lisa Marie relied on package food products, frozen dinners and quick fry lunches and sandwiches at the diner. During that phase of her life, she crashed in between an after classes and didn’t have enough energy to walk to the gym let alone work out.



What a difference a veggie makes?



Chef & Founder of hungry hippie eats LISAMARIE FALCONE: Spent years searching for answers for her acne, and gut issues in orange pillboxes. It wasn’t until she was in her 20s that she realized the effects of her diet and lifestyle choices were having on her body.


She became completely fascinated with functional medicine and nutrition. LisaMarie was able to completely reverse her health issues by changing from a processed vegan diet to a whole foods plant-based diet. Class is in session! Tune in now on your favorite podcast platform or click one of the links below to listen.

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