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Did you know?
Zinc is an essential trace element that’s found and used by every cell throughout your body.
Anytime a nutrient is considered ‘essential’ it means your body needs it to stay healthy but that you can’t produce it and therefore you must get it from your food.  
This critical metal is only needed in tiny amounts but if you don’t get enough zinc, the consequences can be grave. This is because your body relies on zinc for growth, maintenance, and numerous biological functions – including hormone creation and balance.
Zinc is an essential mineral that women require on a daily basis to stay healthy. Although zinc is needed in small amounts, a zinc deficiency can cause some serious and unpleasant side effects – like hair loss, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, problems with your sense of taste and smell or poor wound healing.
A Few Foods High In Zinc
Pumpkin seeds
Not only are they extremely high in zinc, pumpkin seeds also play a role in the prevention of prostate cancer. Pumpkin seeds also support immune system health. For maximum zinc-intake, the seeds should be eaten raw, as roasting them can deplete zinc intake.
A 7 ounce serving contains about 2.8mg of zinc. They also contain folate and are high in protein and dietary fiber.
And of course, two of my faves are
Asparagus and Brussels sprouts, with 0.5 milligram in 1 cup. 


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