Are YOU getting enough greens in?

How a Holistic Lifestyle Can Help You Through Covid-19

How are you holding up? What's the situation like in your area? We're fine here at home, the virtual coaching life still goes on and all. But I understand that not everyone's in such a similar situation!
These days probably have us all worrying about our own and our family’s health more than usual. While it should always be a priority in our lives, it’s become even more important now!
While taking measures like physical distancing to not get infected are really important, there is more we can do to keep our healthcare systems from getting too overwhelmed!
Not just people infected by the virus, but also those suffering from chronic disease or acute problems like strokes are affected when there's simply no room for them to be taken care of.
If you've felt overwhelmed by the thought of researching what a health-promoting diet looks like, NOW might be the time to get behind all of what large health organizations have been telling us for years! 

How a Holistic Lifestyle Can Help You 

What we put into our bodies really does make a change — from preventing or even treating chronic disease. Holistic cooking is known to be anti-inflammatory, support healthy and important body functions, they are usually cheap and lower your overall impact on the environment.
A global pandemic makes one thing abundantly clear: Your health needs to be a priority. Not just someday, but right now. So I invite you to look at your health and how you can improve it. Not from a place of fear (which is how most "normal" news approaches it), but from a place of hope and opportunity.
What if you took this moment, this time right now, to improve your health, to improve your energy levels, to help your body heal?
Researchers tell us that many of the COVID-19 deaths are linked to underlying health problems. And in a way, that can be looked at as good news because studies show that we can prevent (and/or reverse) MOST cases of chronic illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s... Just by eating the right foods (and avoiding the wrong ones!).

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