Healthy Dinners You Can Meal Prep on Sunday

Healthy Veggie Kids (Veggies Are Bae)

Are you teaching your kiddos to eat plenty of fruits and veggies? Are they always rejecting the good you are trying to give them?

If you are a parent or caregiver, there is no need to despair over the idea of your child going hungry because they aren’t eating their greens.

When it comes to healthy, tasty and kid friendly plant-based recipes, you will be surprised as to how many there are out there.


Perfect for breakfast, oatmeal is very beneficial for anyone. Just a single bowl of oatmeal reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It also assists in controlling cravings and keeps kids tummies fuller for longer. A great way to incorporate oatmeal into your kids breakfast is to add banana, dates and nut butter. You could also make pancakes with oatmeal instead of flour for a nutritional boost!


Kids just love smoothies. They are simple and can be taken virtually anywhere. When making smoothies, be sure to add things like nuts and veggies. Kids generally won’t know the difference and will ensure they are getting enough nutrients.

Smoothies ideas might include:

• Pineapple, ginger, spinach, dates, chia seeds
• Banana, cacao, figs, coconut juice, spinach

Sandwiches and Wraps

Want to go the traditional route for your children’s lunchbox? Go to a basic sandwich or a wrap, if you want to get creative. Kids will appreciate the creativity you put into their plant-inspired lunch box treats.

Wrap and Sandwich ideas:

• Use lettuce as a wrap
• Use Nori sheets as a wrap
• Use rice paper as a wrap
• Use wholegrain breads such as buckwheat, spelt and rye

Rice Bowls

Rice has long been a staple for vegetarians and vegan. It is also a great thing for vegan and vegetarian kids. Use a vegan sauce mix as well as any sprout, fruit, veggie or nut in the recipe.


Who doesn’t love pizza? It might get a bad rep for having high amounts of salt and bad fats but they can be worked around.

Try adding more veggies to your pizzas such as:

• Olives, Tomatoes, Pineapple, Mushrooms, Spinach
• Shredded carrot and broccoli
• Onion, peppers, spinach

Common Misconceptions

With many diets or lifestyle choices, there are a lot of misconceptions. There are quite a few when it comes to plant based diets.

• That there is not enough protein in the foods that is fed to kids.
• Kids that are vegetarian will end up with eating disorders.
• Kids can't get enough nutritional benefits from eating fruit and vegetables by themselves.
• Kids do not receive all of their nutritional needs from one of those diets.
• That vegan and vegetarian diets are the same thing.

All of the points that are listed above are all false.

The truth is that being either a vegan or a vegetarian has just as many health benefits as a normal, everyday diet.


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Let's face it. Parents are always asking others for tips on how to handle a child’s diet. When it comes to their children's diets here are some keys to remember:

Let them eat as much fresh food as they want
• Limit carbohydrates to 1/3 of the plate
• When it comes to protein, do not stress. Protein comes in veggie forms too!

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